With a strong focus on soft skills training, we have launched over 150 modules. These modules are ideal for a variety of end users. This includes individuals, corporate entities, HR etc. 

These modules are structured in a way that the leaning is maximized for an end user. The modules are in 1 – 3-day format. Lead and delivered by world-class trainers. They incorporate the latest of Learning Technologies and delivered in an easy to understand fashion.

All the modules are delivered with a pre and post assessment, student handouts, follow up reminders and a review session. This helps maximize learning.

The main segment these modules are divided in is as follows.

  • HR and Management
    • Supervisors and Managers
    • Human Resources
  • Personal development
    • Career Development
    • Workplace Essentials
  • Business Solutions
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Small Business – Entrepreneur
    • Internet Marketing
    • Train the Trainers

If you have any other needs besides these, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss that. We can create bespoke training for you beyond the normal contextualizations.

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