Our team launched an another groundbreaking site The site was an e-commerce website that was used for the purpose of supplying various kinds of gifts and products such as  Personal Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Home Utilities and much more for all occasions. The site had been built on the latest version……Read More

  • 4 Stages Of A Successful Adword Campaign.

    You must have heard business owners complaining about Google ad words, heard them grumbling about how expensive and complicated it is. At ITCombine we use Google ad words as one of our plus points.

    Lets just give a brief description about Google ad words first. Google ad word is a paid……Read More

  • How Search Engine Optimization Works (PART 2)

    It’s challenging to be noticed on the Web. SEO’s first only concern is to ensure that the website of a brand ranks higher in search engine results. Driving more traffic to the site and potentially more business is the core agenda. We at ITCombine believe, that if your site has……Read More

  • How Search Engine Optimization works. (PART 1)

    It’s challenging to be noticed on the Web. In the late 2000s any business without extremely dedicated plan to conduct Internet marketing was falling behind. Internet marketing can be a battlefield. There’s no official textbook or proper strategy to conquer Internet marketing. It’s up to observations and experience. And,……Read More

  • Impact of Social Media

    E-commerce is growing in India. Existing sites are getting more traffic. New Websites are acquiring new users. New product categories are getting sold online. Logistics companies are creating separate divisions to cater to E-tail orders. Newer ways of selling online are being experimented with and many new online shopping companies……Read More

  • Make impact with Web design

    Express while conceptualizing:
    Be fully self expressive when you are thinking about the page to be created. How a web page needs to come up, cannot be ever documented. It can only be explained by dramatizing, and acting. Facial expressions combined with hand movements and Voice are the best tools for……Read More

  • 2 Sides of Social Media Coin

    For everyone who comes online anywhere in the world even for as less as 5 minutes a day would be aware of Social Media Marketing as a phenomenon. The buzz world today is Social Media Marketing. From Big brand like Ebay to aspiring start ups like Adgully all are today……Read More

  • Love and Ecommerce

    Valentine’s Day, is a time of not just love but some of the cleverest, most heartfelt e-marketing campaigns. Even if your e-commerce business isn’t in the business of selling chocolate or jewellery or flowers, if you aren’t capitalizing on Valentine’s Day, you could find your heart broken and your site……Read More

  • New Launch –

    We are happy to launch another ground breaking site The site is a detailed database driven website that allows jobseekers and jobproviders to create profiles and interact. The site has been built on Cake Php and the entire design product concept and the Development has been done by the……Read More

  • FB Pages for Brands

    The New FB pages for Brands has been talked about for some time now and most administrators like us have been eagerly awaiting the same. FB fan page is a critical part of any Brands’ internet presence these days and for Admins like us ( manages 7 Fb Fan pages)……Read More