• Hiplusgifts.com

    Our team launched an another groundbreaking site www.hiplusgift.com. The site was an e-commerce website that was used for the purpose of supplying various kinds of gifts and products such as  Personal Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Home Utilities and much more for all occasions. The site had been built on the latest version of CMS, Magento 2.0 and the entire design product concept and the Development had been done by the ITCombine team.

    Hi, Plus was one of the most respectable and acceptable names in the industry of export of gift products which were highly appreciated due to stylwash looks, durability and longer life. The functionalities of the website had been conceptualized to build virality within the user navigation flow on the site.

    The ITCombine’s SEO and Social media management team was also working on the Internet marketing aspects of the site. The story of Hiplusgifts launch has been carried in some well known online journals.
    They have shifted their business model from business-to-customer to offline business-to-business.