Magento Development in India

  • Magento Development in India

    As the Indian e-commerce market has picked up in the last few years and the Indian customers have got used to Online Retail as a worthwhile option to add to their shopping preferences, many new e-commerce sites have seen the light of the day. Apart from the long time players like, and, there has been a serge in a lot of small businesses trying to take a share of the pie.

    One of the reasons, apart from the increase in the number of people who buy online, has been the availability of faster and cost effective ways to create and start an online Retail store. One of the most popular platforms to get started in the E-commerce space these days is Magento. Numerous sites are being built using Magento. Some larger platforms that offer small offline retailers to start online stores are also using Magento at the back-end to provide the services. One such provider is

    Itcombine team has played its part in helping some new businesses to start online stores using Magento. We have handled Magento development in India for, and Incidentally all the three are competing in the Women and fashion space. We have implemented some interesting customizations on all of these sites. Magento has some inherent limitations for being used as a market place model, a challenge that we overcame for We created some custom features of showing products from different categories to complete a look on We have been working on creating useful modules that arise out of the uniqueness that every business has.

    Itcombine is also working on more e-commerce sites on other platforms like codeigniter and Cake Php.