For Queries Call Us @ +91- 9667132345

For Queries Call Us @ +91- 9667132345

New Launch –

  • New Launch –

    We are happy to launch another ground breaking site The site is a detailed database driven website that allows jobseekers and jobproviders to create profiles and interact. The site has been built on Cake Php and the entire design product concept and the Development has been done by the ITCombine team.

    We have created a Testing engine that allows for online and telephonic assessment of candidates. This is a first in its class of websites in India. Apart from the testing engine there are many interesting features that are provided for Jobseekers and Job Providers. The functionalities have been conceptualised to build virality within the user navigation flow on the site.

    The ITCombine’s SEO and Social media management team is also working on the Internet marketing aspects of the site with some innovative representation of content on the Facebook timeline. The story of Jobfit launch has been carried in some well known online journals like Medianama.