4 Stages Of A Successful Adword Campaign.

  • 4 Stages Of A Successful Adword Campaign.
    You must have heard business owners complaining about Google ad words, heard them grumbling about how expensive and complicated it is. At ITCombine we use Google ad words as one of our plus points.

    Lets just give a brief description about Google ad words first. Google ad word is a paid advertisement product. Have you seen those ads that appear at the top or at the right hand side of the Google search page? Those are ad word ads created by various companies. Google ad words are done with the help of a marketing company. Ad words have only a single purpose that people will notice their business whenever they are searching for something on Google. And, they only have to pay whenever someone clicks on the ad, which is known as cost-per-click advertising (CPC).

    In many circles, Ad words are not very familiarized. But today, we have mastered the art. We use ad word for various brands and have mostly succeeded in it. Brands are happy with the sales that they are making. Over the years, our experience of creating ad words has been successful. We have used unique techniques. It’s not actually techniques; it’s 4 stages for a Successful Adword Campaign.

    Good landing page:
    The first page a visitor goes to after clicking the Google ad is called the landing page. It’s a vital part of Ad Words campaign, and a good landing page can instantly doubles the leads from Ad words, without spending more money.
    Catchy Phrase/Words:
    Most Google ads keep saying the same thing. It’s not different. Ad words that are similar are not at all that compelling in the way. People only click on Google ad that seem to be different and with catchy phrase.
    Conversion rates:
    Someone who really wants the product is most likely going to pick up the phone and call, rather than just clicking it. There is no point of spending money on ad words and not selling the brand. Hence, It’s important to track conversion rates. As with landing pages, a high-converting Google ad with a high click through rate (CTR) cans also instantly double the leads. And Google even rewards you for having high-converting ads.
    Good campaign structure:
    And obviously the most important thing to effectively use Google ad words is to create a distinctive campaign. A striking campaign is much more effective than just writing about the brand/company itself.