Interactive Websites

Having an interactive website is the most important step, for an organisation, when it comes to digital presence. Our experience of nearly 2 decades in the field of Internet, creates an advantage for our clients since we are able to offer the most smart and cost effective ways of creating and sustaining a Digital presence.

We offer WordPress Development and Shopify development and design. Our expert team of PHP, MYSQL and HTML/CSS developers cover every aspect of development, monthly maintenance and hosting performance as well as optimization of WordPress and Shopify sites for web presence and e-commerce. In recent years with the increasing awareness about the need for a website and Social media Presence, websites created using CMS like WordPress and Shopify are easy to make, low in cost and easy to maintain over a period of time, if done correctly.

ITCombine team has created more than 100 WordPress and Shopify websites.

Using CMS like WordPress and Shopify not only makes, having a digital presence quick, it also is cost effective and easy to update on a day to day basis. Clients get value for their money. Business owners and bloggers now don’t have to worry about websites coded processes as it can be as easy as writing an email.

The team of ITCombine consists of professional experts who can convert designs to high quality, cross-browser compatible valid XHTML/ CSS markup. Our developers can also implement the designs as skins / themes / templates for WordPress, Shopify, Magento etc.

Benefits for companies

  • Cost saving
  • Access to the best-of-breed specialists and best xHTML/CSS coding practices
  • Excellent markup quality
  • Less time taken for xHTML/CSS conversion time designing
  • Drastic improvement in the total project turnaround
  • Easy and fast assistance in the periods of overload
  • More efficiency in core revenue-producing activities
  • Flexibility in core revenue-producing activities
  • Ecommerce Solutions

At ITCombine it tailors each solution by giving utmost attention to the details either furnished by the clients or analyzed by our e commerce solution team. It provide Ecommerce solutions, addressing wide array of high-end requirement and thus market and sell products in a competitive marketplace.

Being fully aware of the latest market trajectory, it can assure clients the very best e-commerce services and e-commerce solutions in accordance to their specific needs and requirements.

Advantages of Ecommerce Solution

  • Smooth running of the transaction process
  • Secure and safe transaction
  • Reduce inventory, employees, and purchasing costs
  • Reduced marketing/advertising expenses
  • Better buyer decisions
  • Increased opportunities for buying alternative products.

Online shopping has become a common trend in today’s Internet driven world. To choose simple shopping cart programs and to get it incorporate into your website is a difficult task.

Our shopping cart program has a custom template system. To integrate our cart one does not need to be versed with Php applications. Our shopping cart integration is very simple to use and will have no affects in the rest of the website of the Client.

Social Networking / Communicate Sites are the tools to help increase and strengthen social ties. The Internet provides many social networking opportunities.

Our team of networking expert can upgrade and even set up the finest social network community and customize it to according to individual requirements.

Whilst the networking team takes care of all technical operation the Client can concentrate on other aspects such as marketing and moderation of the community.

Our team can also help with the planning, development, management and the realization of social network community project.