Creative Video Editing Services

It is said that an Audio Visual message has the most lasting impact on customers. Do you want assistance in selecting the good quality and right amount of video footage for your organization or for your any project?

We are the best option for you if you are looking for Creative Video Editing Services for your various niche requirements.  We provide assistance in merging scenes, rearrangement and sequencing of footage, discard unwanted content of the video, and more. We provide these services for your video footage in any format (AVI, MP4, WMV,….).

We not only offer Creative Video editing services, we also help you in increasing your Video engagement, online views and clicks that generates best result for your organization’s business productivity. We always use different and creative approach for different videos to make them unique and exclusive for our clients.

Key Features of Creative Video Editing Services of ITCombine

1)    Focus on creating good Quality and Original Content

The first and foremost thing that we ensure when we start a Creative video editing project is that we build a unique and topical story to match with your marketing goal.

2) Perfection in Process –

We follow a process in the Creative Video Editing services to ensure the best composition using the various components like music & sound effect, title & sub-titles, voice-overs, headlines, special effects, animations, transitions and much more. This transforms your normal video footage to professional impactful video.

2)    Attention to detail

Our video editing team collects the minute detail of your requirements and create unique, specialized and exclusive video content from your existing video.

3)    Timely delivery

Deadlines are based on complexity of the project and the quality and length of the video footage provided by the client. We ensure quality deliverables of specific video editing project under project guidelines and timeframes.

4)    Quality Control and Project review

We share our work time to time with our clients for review to ensure the requirements are met. We do quality checks at every stage of video editing process through the completion of a project.

5)    Project based Pricing

We provide customized pricing for different video editing services based on the extent of video editing and hours used or per project rates. To know more about outsource video editing rates, contact us at Some noticeable examples of work done by out team can be seen on this Book review Channel or these stunning Poetry Videos or explainer videos like this one for a Mobile App

Here is the range of our video editing works –

  • Video Brochure
  • Corporate Videos
  • Home Video Editing
  • MP4 Video Editing Services
  • YouTube Videos
  • Sports Video Editing Services
  • Online Video Editing
  • Family Video Editing
  • Video Cropping and Trimming
  • Testimonial Video Editing Services
  • Online Corporate Presentations
  • Educational Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Short Films
  • Training Videos

Creative video editing services to professional video editor will help your company to keep up pace with the current market trends and increasing competition.

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