Web and Multimedia Solution Services

ITCombine welcomes you to the world of Interactivity. We build website designs and web based solutions with global standards. We have expertise in creating Websites on WordPress, Magento, and Php. Our team can assure the most creative and scalable web designs and solutions that match your needs and vision.We have the domain expertize to create the greatest Audio-Visual impact in the following areas:

ITCombine energizes creativity and elegance so that our clients get and professional web and multimedia solutions. A well designed website is the key to attract and retain visitors for the success of the business. we can help build a new website or redesign an existing one.
Web site design and Multimedia Web Design- how well should they fit together? The service of web design is all about conveying a message. Big amounts of Multimedia Web Design take time to load. Does anyone enjoy sitting and watching a little load bar travel across the area to be ‘Multimedia web Design’ on a web page only to find that it was not worth waiting for in the first place? Remember too, many people do not have high speed internet, this seems to come as a surprise to some web designers.
If a web site were a baked potato, then Multimedia web Design would be the butter, cheese and sour cream. Multimedia web Design in its simplest form is an animation technology created by Macromedia that adds graphical and audio flavour to a website.
The progression to Multimedia web Design. Technology is a natural one. The web began with low bandwidth carrying text only. Later the .gif was introduced and graphics leaped onto the web. Next were animated gif and rollovers. The latest stats show that The Multimedia web Design player is installed on 97.6 % of browsers, which is about as much market penetration as one could hope for.
Since Multimedia web Design is here to stay and will continue to grow, what should one be doing with it? To begin by first realizing that regardless of the glamour and glitz that Multimedia web Design provides to a web site, it is and should always primarily be, for a business web site, Multimedia web Design is a tool to communicate.
Too many people run out and have a designer create a Multimedia web Design intro thinking that the sheer novelty and creativity of Multimedia web Design is going to bring sales. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Absolutely, many sites have reported 150% increases in traffic overnight after creating a Multimedia Web Design site, but does increase traffic translate into increase sales? NO.
Increased Targeted traffic with the help of Multimedia Web Design translates into increased sales. Let us move on to three great ways in which one Can use Multimedia web Design to atmost advantage.
An intro/tour Multimedia Web Design movie that clearly communicates what the site is going to be about. It should be like an audio/visual tag line. A good tagline in Multimedia Web Design not only grabs the visitor’s attention but also expresses the nature of the product or service. The mind is then prepared to receive the rest of the message using Multimedia web Design. Always be sure to include a ‘skip intro’ link for return visitors in Multimedia web Design.
Macromedia Multimedia web Design content for the Web is encapsulated in an open file specification (SWF) and generated by proprietary authoring software such as Macromedia Multimedia web Design MX, Adobe Live motion, Swift3d and Swish.
To handle SWF content, browsers require the free Macromedia Multimedia Player. The SWF file format is non-native to browsers. That is, the graphical browsers we use, such as Mozilla, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer cannot run SWF files on their own, as they can HTML, XML, GIF, JPG and PNG files. Macromedia Multimedia Player handles the Shockwave (SWF) and Future Splash (SPL) file formats (FutureSplash was the precursor to Shockwave Multimedia web Design).