Monitoring Out of Home Campaigns

  • Monitoring Out of Home Campaigns

    The ITCombine development team has developed an OOH Monitoring website for Apex Integrated Marketing. Apexaim is one of the leading OOH agencies in the country and serves prestigious companies like Ambuja Cement, Hitachi and MTS to name a few. The website will run as part of the Apexaim website and will be called ‘Trackmech’ meaning Tracking mechanism for Apexaim clients.

    The whole focus on this project has been to create an extremely ‘data entry friendly’ backend for the Apex team to upload and tag the data that the clients need to view from time to time. This Website provides a back-end for OOH monitoring data upload through Xls. The Apex team will be able to create new clients, create new campaigns and upload Xls before uploading the images for corresponding locations.

    The functionality has been well thought through to give the Apexaim team the flexibility to modify data and upload multiple images mapped to a Location or a Display type so that the client can have a view of the display delivery. The images can be uploaded through a bulk upload, add attachment, kind of a process and the images thus uploaded can be easily removed or replaced.

    The client interface is a tastefully designed page where after login the clients can simply click on the city of display to see the detailed xls uploaded by the Apex team. The Client then proceeds to view the image gallery of the uploaded images. The client also has the ability to download all the images, which come down in easy to understand names for the images.

    This website is another testimony to the Cake Php Development credentials of the ITCombine team.